I was speaking to someone yesterday and they informed that they had started a shopify store in the last month, I was thrilled because this was something they had been talking about for a while, and she has finally bittten the bullet and decided to get a “SIDE HUSTLE”. In her day job she is a banker. So my question was how is it going? any sales? what niche or niches are you looking at, what keywords have you found that will make for competitive positioning.  
She told me of two very good niches she had made forays into and gave me the reasons she was going in to them as good researched, sizeable markets and a personal interest basically they here areas she was interested in and as a result she would have some knowledge and be interested enough in them to work within them.  
Traffic: traffic was been done via facebook and instagram both of them paid because she had gone to upwork hired a facebook marketer and was paying to advertise also she had set up an instgram page and had hired another marker to grow the business for her.  
Monetization/Monetisation: So far there had been multiple sales this is one big advantage of paid traffic if done correctly it can produce results instantly, there was one issue though she was running at a loss because of her initial expenditure. But with because she knew her costs and was building both a list of buyers and facebook retargeting data, she was sure that her profit would overtake her costs soon.  
This is a one of the ways you can start to create your own buisness while doing your 9 to 5 job, another way is involves a method that does not require that much initial outlay and that much time so you can actually do it yourself and not have to outsource to places like upwork or fivver.  
Also you will not be required to build a list or create a website and there would be no costs from platforms like shopify.  
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