Mailvio Review: How Does The Autoresponder Work


    What Is Mailvio ?

    As described on its sales page Mailvio is a full-service autoresponder with Active Campaign style automation and a built-in SMTP(in partnership with an 8-figure company). In addition it includes built-in SMS capability)

    What Is The Difference Between Mailvio And The New Mailvio 25k

    This is the second release of Mailvio it was first released in november and there are a number of changes that have been made not to the software functions as it is but to the allocation of credits for use so what are these changes:

    1. Mailvio 25k is a simpler offer. Everyone gets a limit of 25k contacts to which they can send unlimited emails. Previous system was credits based, which is what I got and it meant you had to spend money on a top up.
    2. Mailvio 25k includes the SMS feature which was not available but promised in its first installment. Plus 1,000 text messages are made available to the user as part of the purchase.
    3. They have double your money back guarantee. They state that if they cannot beat the open rate from your current autoresponder, they will refund double your money back. Yes, we are THAT confident.

    MAILVIO Key Points

    It is a system that is Built By Marketers, For Marketers

    There are certain to consider, there is an increased ability to deliver your emails which is enhanced by PRE-WARMED UP IPs, so you do not have to do it yourself . In addition to this,the SMS capability means you have the use of SMS Messages for your most urgent marketing messages. Regarding list capacity, Mailvio 25k will allow you have up to 25,000 Contacts – and UNLIMITED Emails. It is a system that is Built By Marketers, For Marketers like you and has a drag-and-drop email editor for intuitive email building. It also has 80 inbuilt templates. But you can design or create your Email Templates

    How Are Emails Created

    Mailvio allows you put your best campaign together quickly, this is made possible with its AUTOMATIC A/B SPLIT TESTING. Also the way the email pathways ( set of choices you make ) are set up, means you can tailor your workflow in such a way as if you are Speaking to your customers like a friend and increase your engagement with its dynamic email personalization.

    The other feature that stands out is the ability to choose from a multitude of effective workflow actions and the workflow can be further segment and hyper-target . It is quite easy to do but (yet gives advanced) segmentation gives you total flexibility to target exactly the groups you want for optimum results and maximum profits pick one list or pick multiple lists to mail

    Smart scheduling and personalization helps create hands free campaign scheduling that enables you automatically send emails at the perfect time as determined by the system. You can also give that personal touch with the option to prepare each campaign uniquely. increase the chance of developing a long term customer relationship and as well as customizing the subscription page you can personalize your unsubscription page

    There is a viewer that ensures your emails are optimised for all mediums at a glance you can see exactly how your email is going to look in different email inboxes, you can also see exactly how your emails will be displayed on a mobile device with just one click on every device using the preview Mode

    Contacts and Leads

    There are 3 ways of adding new contacts and uploading lists , and it couldn’t be faster or easier, store with the CSV file the copy and paste of the single lead entry. Everything can be customised and fields can be added like the gender of your customer to enable you know about your customers in greater depth and enable better contact customization

    You can easily create OPT-IN FORMS to gather more leads. When you have acquired your leads you can actually create multiple email senders and a test list with this test list you can manage your list by sending emails to detect inboxing and open rates.

    Maivio helps you perfectly organise your business with smart folders reporting and statistics. You can check out all your important campaign statistics using the event logs.

    Mailvio has a LIVE CLICK TRACKER MAP. The report summary will enable you easily find out where all your customers and sales Are Coming From See Exactly Which Of Your Links Are Getting All The Attention With Our Live Click Tracker Map

    With SMS Campaigns, you can use SMS To Communicate Time-sensitive offers, Updates, and Alerts Send SMS as a broadcast or as part of your automation.