About Me


I Set up this Blog as an answer to several questions I have about marketing. Every business can potentially become successful, but different businesses can achieve visibility  in different ways marketing is often the key to a businesses visibility. I did a bit of outsourcing my businesses marketing, but in the end I decided to learn and develop my skills and do it myself. Which ultimately led me down the path of Internet and Affiliate Marketing. I had a history of working in the so called “KNOWLEDGE ECONOMY”. and so wanted to continue to work within this sphere, because  among other advantages it is an area where you as an individual can become your businesses USP (unique selling point). in addition starting up a business in this sector does not require a huge capital investment in the beginning.

Goals and “Some Guidelines”

1.Achieve what you earn now in less time than it takes me to do it at the moment if possible half the time.
Reason: This will enable you use the extra time to improve my skills
2.Earn and pay your self for your time
Reason: This will mean that when you are working on your business or ideas you do not have a drop in your income and so you do not loose out while working on the business or ideas otherwise you can not sustain working on your ideas or business.
3.Create a  number of steady methods for some kind of sustainability
Reason: The longer you can sustain profitability the greater your chances of succeeding
4.Achieve your first 3 goals above
Reason :Scalability
5.Have a long term relationship with mentors or a group of peers
Reason: It Will Help With Focus and Help Reduce the Distraction of Competing Ideas.
The Aim Of saybyeBOSS

The Aim of SAYBYEBOSS is to give marketing information and ideas acquired through constantly developing my skills and knowledge while researching money making strategies that exist in Internet Marketing and to create somewhere where people can go to interact and find out Methods and Applications that will be useful to them to know about in order that they can maximize both the time and money they spend online.


Joe Weekes