DFY BONUS SUITE, is a software that enables you build beautiful bonus pages. These pages are built using wordpress and they are built quickly and easily.

How does It work

There are a number of templates included with the front end four of tham to be exact and these four templates have different formats, and different layouts, they are all very easy to customise and because they are very well designed they tend to stand out from the normal drab looking page that tend to dominate the web.


Using DFY Bonus Suite, will enable you create pages that can rank and also bring together easily your reviews and all the bonuses quickly and this means you can rank for your videos over and over again. The other advantage is because you have templates you can quickly put together a page by just changing the information to suite the review you are making.

Adding Images and Videos

These templates are designed to embed images and videos especially in the page template these will help your pages rank better and beautify the pages, so that they are easy to read and therefore will help get better conversions


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