These are 5 and a half methods (the half is a critically important bonus), I am currently using to increase traffic to my blog they are relevant because they all focus on multi- platform posting and getting your message out there and therefore increase your chances of making money online or making money from home:

1.Transform Your Content:

It Involves transferring your posts into different types of other content, for example…

I did this with a post I published a while ago called “Is Spotify The Next Money Machine , I transformed it into an mp3 audio , this can then be used in podcasts or used as an Alexa post helping with your amazon alexa marketing.

You can also transform them into an info-graphic or a diagram:

These formats are always more social media friendly.

2. A YouTube Channel That Is Active:

…My Youtube channel saybyeboss reviews

This is both a way to get free and targeted traffic in one go:

Youtube amd youtube marketing is one of the best ways to get traffic, but only if you know what you are doing. Sometimes this involves creating live events and creating multiple keyword videos to drive traffic too.

3. Rewrite And Refresh Your Articles:

The idea that you should create new content is one that had been constantly muted, but equally as important is to refresh or rewrite aspects of your old articles this is helps with SEO and hence greater visibility on Google…

(And greater visibility ultimately leads to more traffic to your blog)

4. Listify Or Enumerate Your Points:

This very simple action makes your content more readable especially for people who are in a hurry and just want to access the key points, also 70% of people use mobile phones and tablets and this format aids the smaller screen so they are more likely to read and engage with your blog.

5. Use Keyword Research Tools To Investigate Your Keywords:

Keyword tools help to identify keywords that have an easier chance to rank for…. As a result articles written by you can rank better and enable TRAFFIC find you easier as opposed to keywords that might be hard to rank for.

5.5. Using Syndicators And Sending Your Posts To As Many Platforms As Possible:

Linkedin, Quora, Blogger, are some of the platforms that will enable your syndication . There are several methods that allow you do this some are semi automated one of the better ones is called, With syndication you create backlinks as well, which help with your ranking…