What’s DFY LeadFunnel?


DFY LeadFunnel consists of 3 parts which provide SOLUTIONS to challenges that both newbies and experienced maketers face, These challenges include generating leads, nuturing the leads and monetizing the leads. as described before this can be defined as a unique 3-in-one Funnel suite that will enable you and your customers Generate Leads, interact with all leads you collect, and rake in huge affiliate commission, with a built-in 100% FREE Viral Traffic System.

DFY LeadFunnel is designed to get answers to the 3 BIG stumbling blocks that anyone seeking to break through in affiliate marketing needs to address, getting leads working with the leads and making money through the leads.

Normally here are the 3 BIG hurdles which in most cases require 3 different tools.


Build a list : Building a list the traditional way involves developing a separate landing page, or a separate squeeze page depending on what name it might go by, with the plethora of standard builders out there, some of which are very good at what they do. I Happen to have one or two of these funnel builders, the challenge is to ensure that the lead page does what it is meant to do, this means getting the requisite design correct for the type of market you are attempting to attract. Then you need to get the right lead magnet, that is the right giveaway for the right customers, lets assume you get this right. Then you have to contend with the next step right.

Nurture your leads: this is the next step and in my opinion the most crucial, because get this wrong and the value you might get out of that lead is reduced and at worst lost. The challenge to you is how well do you know these lead that you have acquired , what would you need to say to them to introduce yourself, your business. Is it even necessary to introduce yourself or should you just go straight to the matter at hand, hard selling. How long do you need before you can send them another offer but thistime a paid offer, 1 day? 1 week? or 1 month?,…….at this point the penny then drops this is a lot more complex than you taught….or ..are you over thinking it.

Monetize: these leads are people and no you are not over thinking it but there are methods that have worked over time by trial and error and will continue to pull through come “hell or high water”. This is why to get to the monetization step you have to ensure that this prior step is undertaken correctly otherwise it will turnout to be an exercise in futility as many campaigns have. To Monetize you have to have the right product for the right customers, but that is not all there is to it you also have to use the best optimised method, it does not matter if you have the right product market fit, without the right method it might not get the right result. So with that said what is the most likely solution, do you just keep trying until you come up with the right combination, which is what some people do but are unaware that they are practising what I term The trial and error method.

Well not anymore… That’s where DFY LeadFunnel comes in… DFY LeadFunnel has combined three tools into one powerful system and made it plug-n-play simple.
Tool No 1: Lead Generator Tool No 2: Lead Nurturing Tool No3: Lead Monetization get all this and you will not be required to go out and spend money on buying them seperately, and having to workout how they work together and embark on a JOURNEY OF TRIAL AND ERROR.