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This is a course by a guy called Steve who had been through a bit of a difficult time in the past and ended up in hospital, but has been able to pull himself out and develop a system that has enabled him make 5 figures.

What does the course contain it is divided into a number of modules, and while it is left for different people to have different opinions and take different lessons from the course my standout modules where positioning (because of the complexity of the topic), the other modules that where totally unique where the webinar not because it has not been done before but because I feel that normally a topic like this would be an upsell.

I have a piece on my blog I wrote about using webinars click here to have a look at it I do not necessarily believe webinars are only for high ticket they can be used for low and mid ticket offers as well especially when the person giving the webinar is not well known or particularly experienced.

How about the rest of the course for this have a look at my review on my youtube channel, it is a comprehensive must have for any newbie or experienced marketer in reality there will be other courses like this but because Steve has a a story that is easy to relate to a is not a super affiliate or has a relatively small list for most people the techniques he talks about here are easily achievable and repeatable.

This is a step-by-step video training that will take you by the hand and show you the best kept secrets behind a successful affiliate promotion, and this will enable you to explode your commissions to 5 figures each and every time. In addition to this it also includes the actual case study and product that Steve promoted to hit the leaderboard of one of the biggest launches of the year so far. The system will teach you a very different, value-based approach and is built to help both newbies, intermediary and experienced marketers to build better campaigns. Note: If you have or you are still struggling to take your affiliate campaigns to leaderboard level, you can copy the methods that are used in the Newbie Affiliate Playbook to make sure that you get the best return from your promotions. Within the Course links to choice softwares have been included that are available to download, to speed up results even further.