Here’s the exact blueprint you can use to start creating your leads or making Money  

This Method involves creating an introductory short video an ability to create EVERGREEN webinars while collecting leads or monetising content which could be yours or belong to someone else.
Let’s Get Stuck in…
Step 1
Create a short video (if you do not have a proper webcam a mobile phone will do) detailing a brief summary of what you would like to present to your audience,  ideally here I usually outline 3 areas audiences might be interested in.
A. what the problem is ? 
B. why the challenge exists, including why many people share the problem and
C. give the solution as a must see webinar.
Step 2: You need access to EverZippy this will help you generate a code for both a webinar Replay video and webinar Registration form which are to be embedded in any of the emails and bot messages you send or links you put out if you do this via social media.
Step 3: You need the mp4 file of the offer or the solution it could be a free solution which you can upload into EverZippy (this could be a video you create, one you own, or a high quality tutorial) in order to generate the webinar replay this will enable you get leads, monetise the content or do both.
Step 4: Create a webinar on EverZippy, copy the registration code and embed it as a lead magnet. The reason for this is anyone who needs to watch your webinar which is a solution to the problem outlined at the beginning of this article will be required to register and or pay with the payment integration included within EVERZIPPY .
In Conclusion, you need to utilise 3 things to achieve your desired goal. 
(i) A Short Introductory Presentation Preferably In the Form Of A Video, but It could be a image or a document with bullet points.  Which helps to get people interested and act as a lead magnet.
(ii) A webinar tool. Personally, I own EVERZIPPY, its a very easy to use tool that for A ONE TIME COST (set to change to a recurring payment ) for the personal and commercial licences IS STILL VERY AFFORDABLE. it is very ROBUST, INTUITIVE and has a range of very INNOVATIVE functions (see my review). As I write this EverZippy just had an introductory launch and its on a special price which is cheaper than the price when the introductory offer ends, and this is a very good time to get it. Check out EverZippy here and get your instant access right away.
(iii) You need a solution to the problem which will serve as a webinar, which you can use to earn commissions or build your list. This needs to be in an mp4 file of the webinar video. This is required because you need to upload a video presentation promoting your solution or offer onto the EverZippy Platform in order to generate the webinar replay code that is then sent to your list by email, and using messenger or posted to social media to act as a lead magnet or to monetise the social media traffic.
Note: This strategy can be used in a number of ways, I have only detailed a problem solution narrative. You can also a utilise knowledge learning narrative. Where audiences need to learn for example a skill, this can also be turned into monetizable webinars.
In Addition To This, there are other aspect to MONETIZE the webinar end of this MODEL,  by turning into a FUNNEL where you offer Upsells or Downsells and creates various add on’s that different segments of your audience might find useful and hence purchase.
So if you want to start using the above method I strongly recommend you pick up EverZippy through any of the links on this page . You can also get any of the reseller licenses for EverZippy and use this method to resell it easily and pocket 100% of the profit, I DID.
Please if you have any question or need further clarity on this kindly send me an email. 
To Becoming And Staying Your Own Boss,