“TAKE ACTION ” meant different things to both Bill Hugall and Mike from Maine

I was watching an Interview at the weekend with Bill Hugall and Mike from Maine,these are two very established internet marketers and they where not pitching anything they where discussing among other things how they started building their lists e.t.c and at the end of the interview Mike from Maine spoke about the term or phrase often used


take action
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For Most of us who have watched countless webinars and numerous product reviews, it is a recurrent theme but what was interesting was that the term “TAKE ACTION ” meant different things to both Bill Hugall and Mike from Maine.I believe that the better way to look at this especially in the beginning or when you are undertaking any project is to accept the fact that you will have to learn how to undertake the process or work with the software or whatever task it as you are doing as you go along, in other words LEARN BY DOING.
When you learn by doing you work on a project where you are doing 2 things learning all about the processes and making money, it sounds straight forward, but I often find I focus on the latter and forget that the former is also a huge benefit to me. For two reasons
1. I find I use the knowledge I gain in other projects
2. It gives me insights to work on what works for me, how quickly implementation might take and prioritising my time.