Although there are some ways to make money online without a website or product, just like making money online with Google AdWords PPC Campaigns, email marketing, in addition to that you also have facebook, instagram, twitter, tik tok, reddit quora and other social media marketing types. We still have to admit that we are powerful and potential with a business website. Most entrepreneurs these days think getting a website and some product to sell online is a great way to make money, also, most advertisers make it seem quite easy with all the bells, whistles, promises and the marketing tools they present.

Making money online in the comforts of your own home is a dream come true for anyone with the desire to get out of the everyday 9-5 routine. You can make lots of money with online advertising, as this is one of the high risers for ways to make money online. If you are still at a loss with what you want to sell, because your interests cannot be turned into profit making products that you can sell online, it is a good idea to consider selling the products of someone else to make money online.

Now, you’re probably asking yourself: “Can I make money online by selling products and, in the same time, keep the scam artist away? While it is time consuming and can take over as a full-time job for many people, having a work at home job has the best potential to make money online. After all the promises and the marketing “mumbo jumbo” about making money online with website that people just click and spend, after all the explanation of creating content that holds the viewers, after all the work to get the information out to potential customer you wind up with nothing.

One of the effective ways to solve this problem is to look at joining a group of like minded individuals or looking to find a mentor who has been successful at making money online. Either of these can be found on different sites around the web

Now I will be the first to admit that some of those sites are just plain garbage and most of them are affiliate links to the few hundred marketing gurus that have the market flooded with information, software and online money making idea that all promise the way to the golden nugget. Some of the other methods to make smaller amounts of money online are affiliate marketing on a smaller scale, getting paid to drive, getting paid to shop, and getting paid to take surveys. Now you know the best route to take, the methods that put the successful where they are today and the real investments that you should be applying, to make money online. If you are looking for an easy way to make quick money online, there is no doubt that Internet marketing is the best choice. As you can see, finding out what the best way to make money online is not as easy as you would think. Making money online is possible and if you have the desire to do so, you will succeed if you have a definite plan.


So what is Internet Marketing. Well In a nutshell, it is the sale and marketing of digital products and services. The most well known area in internet marketing is Affiliate Marketing, where based on your sales of products owned by companies or businesses you can make affiliate commissions. In addition to this there is also Video Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Content Creation and a quite a few other methods that are easily learnt if you are able to get the correct training.


This method is a lot better known where people sell Physical products they own or they sell for the manufactures and make a profit doing it. This method is tried and tested, and while it is a bit more expensive to start with than Internet Marketing, it is a lot better known and it has a lot of people doing it so you are able to find quite a few people who can mentor you and groups where you can learn from so that you can find solutions to the challenge of finding the right method or methods to help you achieve success.


There are other methods some of which I do not know very much about so I will not recommend them but non the less, The potential to make money online exists and you can definitely make a good living doing it irrespective of the competition or what people who have never tried it might say.