At First Glance

At first glance SWYPIO looks like just another app or software but you will be very wrong in making this assumption SWYPIO is one of a kind it a first to market technology at least at the time of writing this article, it consists of a deceivingly simple interface with not very much by the way of its setup

But that is where its simplicity ends, underlying this app is a set of principles which look at behavioural psychology of today’s users and take cognisance of two indelible facts. 1 our attention span has shortened and 2. the way we interact with technology is getting more and more immersive, as seen in the swiping motion of more and certain very successful apps which are tied to our decision making. It almost feels like an action taken represents us taking back control in a world increasingly controlled through technology.

How It Works And How To Get Results With SWYPIO

When the SWYIPO app is started it prompts you to create a swipe card, an what you have to do is create a series of questions, or alternatively you can create a series of suggestions (this could be more useful with ideas that deal with hobbies or ideas) which the that will prompt the user to give an answer based on swiping the screen left or right to give a yes or no answer once the series of questions is completed the user is prompted to fill out an online form to get the answer to the questions posed in the previous slides it is very seamless and quite effective

with this seemingly simple set of instructions users details can be collected and products can be sold, in a very effective manner. I have to say that TOM YEVSIKOV, GAURAB BORAH and KAYD YONIS have done a great job and I believe that this will be a very good tool to posses in your tool box.


  • Step 1 – CRAFT  Firstly You Craft Your Perfect Swipe Card That Will Impress Your Visitors & Convert Them Into Action.Choose From Multiple Variations Ranging From Getting Leads To Redirecting Potential Customers By Sending Them To ANY URL You Want, Or Just Show A Message, Or Deliver A Coupon, THE OPTIONS ARE ENDLESS!.
  • Step 2 -DEPLOY Now You Can Decide Whether You Want Your Campaign To Be A Standalone Page Hosted On Our Servers, Which Works EXTREMELY Well For Mobile Traffic. Or, To Embed It Anywhere You Want (Which Allows Such Embedding) And Make It A Smooth Part Of Your Existing Pages, Funnels & Campaigns..
  • Step 3 – ENJOY                                                                       That’s it, the benefits will be instant, you can count on it.