DFY Suite 2 Review: Ranking And Seo Done For You


So What Exactly Is Being DONE FOR YOU?

Except you are a total VIDEO OR WEBSITE RANKING NINJA. the list below will totally leave you scratching your head as to what exactly do some of these terms mean and how will they enable you rank your video to number 1 position

What Can DFY Suite Really Do For You

I Own this bad boy and it really makes a difference, because creating back-links might not rank your videos alone for this you need a combination of the right keywords, if on youtube it will help to have an authority channel , and a fair amount of engagement so that sees the algorithms of youtube rank your videos there are also factors like how long your video is watched , and how frequently you post, so you get the picture. But for long term and long lasting ranking back-links are priceless. However building the right tier system and the required aged accounts can be a minefield for the uninitiated .

So all said and done you need to ensure you build the proper type of back-link campaign this does it for you automatically, and the interesting thing is that in the DFY Suite 2.0 they have included the ability the enable a V.A set up and post your videos for you using the Sub-Syndicator WOW!!, talk about living the “Life OF Riley”.

Also included is the ability to create more links per campaign depending on what package and what upsells (if you get the agency package Upsell no 1) you go for. The DFY Suite 1 allows you the option to use only 200 links per campaign, also videos you submit are now embedded in their web 2.0 blogs so this makes for a more powerful campaign and a more competitive ranking strategy

Finally In addition to the using social syndication and wikki which was what was used now they have blogging and web 2.0 syndication

Why Do I Use DFY Suite

I use DFY Suite because it is convenient saves me time and is a good software for ranking both your website and videos. While you are not necessarily able to orchestrate your own campaigns but the software is particularly well built and it delivers results.


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